By now I am sure that you have heard of the new technology known as Variable Speed Pool Pumps – with a permanent magnet induction motor, they run cool to the touch, and are quieter than standard motors. The best part is – they can save over 75% off your pool pump electrical bill. This can save hundreds of dollars per year.

But why all the talk of variable speed pumps? In states such as Arizona, Florida, California and Texas, laws are now on the books that are requiring pumps on new pool construction to be using a dual speed or variable speed pump or motor.

A standard single speed pump uses a stator/rotor type motor which operates at 3400 rpm. Imagine the gas consumption your car would have if, no matter what – your engine always ran at 3400 RPM.

The rpm on a Variable speed motors, on the other hand, can be adjusted to turn only as fast as they need to, to get the job done. The motors used on a variable speed pool pump use a permanent magnet design which runs cooler, lasts longer and is extremely quiet.

Not only do Variable Speed Pumps save you money by using less electricity. Another side benefit is that filtration is typically better at a slower flow rate. When your filtration is better,you save money because we need to use less sanitizers to keep the pool water clear.

There are many options to upgrade your pool system depending on the features on your pool, such as; solar, waterfalls and pool cleaning systems. Some manufactures offer different levels of Variable Speed Pumps to accommodate the different features and all budgets.

Some pools may be able to use a 2 speed pump which the price is less but still can save hundreds of dollars per year. Another option is to just replace the motor on your existing pump(if not to old) to a variable speed motor.

If you like a quote on upgrading your system please contact me.